Who Is the Weak Link in the Lakers Starting Line Up?

The Los Angeles Lakers dispatched the Portland Trail Blazers in 5 games but do they have a weak link in the starting 5 that could be exposed in the later rounds?

After an initial blip in game one of the opening series against the Trail Blazers, the Lakers were able to rattle off 4 wins back to back to back to back to stamp their ticket to the next round of the playoffs.

After game 1, skepticism seemed to creep into Laker Nation. Are we as good as we thought? Is this team just LeBron James and Anthony Davis and a bunch of bench guys? Do we have what it takes to win the Larry O’Brien trophy this year?

The 4 games following Game 1 went a long way in settling the nerves for fans of the purple and gold and while the Lakers stumbled initially, they seem to have found their footing within the playoffs and now look a really good bet to make it to the NBA Finals.

One of the main criticisms that many fans of the purple and gold voiced (apart from the Lakers’ shooting woes in the bubble) was Coach Frank Vogel’s utter refusal to alter the starting line-up.

While he was proven right as the team convincingly won the series, the thought of whether there is a weak link in the starting line-up persists.

Can or should the Lakers make a change to the starting line-up that could potentially improve the squad even more? Or should they stick with the same players who got them to the dance in the 1st place?

Here are the top 3 players not named LeBron James or Anthony Davis who can potentially be considered a weak spot in the Lakers starting lineup.

Cover image credit: Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images.

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