The Lakers Bubble Performance Review – Part 1

Utah Jazz ( W )

(Image/David Dow/

A team that now finds themselves in a seeding battle in the lower half of the Western Conference Playoffs, the Utah Jazz came into this game sitting at a 42-24 record as they were looking to find their rhythm within the NBA Bubble.

In their third meeting this season the Lakers took the win in a 116-108 victory, a scoreline that makes the game look a lot closer than it actually was. The Lakers biggest lead in the 4th was 14 points as AD finished with a massive 42 points and 12 rebounds as he dominated his match up over Rudy Gobert. James would finish with 22 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists as he ran the show whenever AD was on the bench. With the win, it also secured the number 1 seed in the West for LA.

Main Pro:

Anthony Davis AGAIN!: After a rough game against the Raptors, AD certainly came back with a bang. He won his match-up against the 2-time DPOY by executing a perfect balance of perimeter game, inside scoring and getting to the free-throw line. Unfortunately for Gobert, he is extremely paint orientated defensively and doesn’t like coming out beyond 15 feet to guard a player, something AD took great advantage of.

Main Con:

Guard Defence: Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley combined for 57 points as they lost to the Lakers. Their season average sits at 38.4 PPG. Without Avery Bradley in Orlando, the Lakers will need to find a solution for this type of match up soon as the league hurtles towards the Playoffs. This is especially crucial when a likely First Round match up for the Lakers is the Portland Trail Blazers, a team run by dominant guard play.

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