3 Reasons Why the Lakers Need Danny Green

(Image/Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)


Green is certainly a player who is known for 2 specific parts of his skill set, with the first being shooting. His second specialist subject is on the defensive side of the court. This proved useful for the Raptors last season as they won their first-ever NBA championship.

Green finished the regular season with 2.9 Defensive Win Shares (DWS), which means he contributed 2.9 wins due to his defensive impact. This form would carry into the playoffs, finishing the 2018-19 postseason with 1.1 DWS. Meaning Green contributed a win in playoff basketball just because of his impact on the defensive side of the floor.

Now, this is definitely an ability Green has carried into the 2019-20 campaign. He currently sits at 2.4 DWS, that places him third among his teammates. Just behind Anthony Davis (4.1 DWS) and LeBron James (3.4 DWS). Green has also seen a slight increase in his Steals Per Game, going up from 0.9 last season to 1.2 this season. A number that finds him joint second among Lakers. Tied with James and behind Davis (1.5 SPG). His contribution is also depicted in his On/Off numbers, with the Lakers’ steal percentage going up by +1.5% when Green is on the floor.

These numbers alone show us how important Green is in making the Lakers the third-best defensive team in the NBA (a defensive rating of 105.5). His ability to guard all three perimeter roles at a high level could come in handy for the purple and gold, especially as they prefer to reserve James’ energy for the offensive side of the court. Defensively, without Danny Green, the Lakers are just not as good.

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