3 Reasons Why the Lakers Need Danny Green

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Spacing the Floor:

For some time now Green has been known as one of the NBA’s most prolific shooters. Last season, his percentages sat at .487% from inside the arc and .455% from 3 point land. Impressive numbers that are amplified when we look at his Effective Field Goal Percentage, this is a statistic that adjusts for the fact that a 3 point field goal is worth more than a 2 point field goal.

In his only season with the Raptors, he finished with an eFG% of .622%. That goes down as the 11th best single-season all-time in terms of a player who played 70 games and attempted at least 100 3’s. In terms of efficiency, Green’s 2018-19 season doesn’t fall too far short of Stephen Curry‘s 2015-16 season (.630%).

Unfortunately for Green and the Lakers, his shooting has been somewhat inconsistent since the start of the current campaign. The 61 games he has played as a Laker has left him with a 2 point percentage of .516% and a 3 point percentage of .378%, his eFG% has also dropped down to .552%. The increase in 2P% can probably be put down to playing with a playmaker with the ability of LeBron James.

The majority of Green’s 2 point attempts come from taking 0 dribbles (10.6% of attempts) and come within 10 feet of the rim (19.1% of attempts). There aren’t many statistics to explain the drop in 3P%. A lot of the time shooting specialist’s do tend to go through peaks and troughs in terms of form. Perhaps Green will be back on form in time for the playoffs.

So why does Green’s shooting mean so much? Well, he plays on a team that heavily centers around a play-making SF who can’t shoot at a high percentage. Pair that with another player who is unable to stretch the floor playing at the 5 and the Lakers very quickly find themselves in a floor-spacing conundrum.

Among Lakers who play at least 25 MPG, Green ranks second in 3P%, even on a down season by his personnel standards. This alone depicts how much LA need him to find his stroke as they head into the postseason.

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