3 Reasons Why the Lakers Need Danny Green


Many Laker fans feel that Danny Green’s performance in the 2019-20 season has been a disappointment. In actuality, the 10-year veteran is a key part in the Los Angeles Lakers fulfilling their potential and winning an NBA Championship.

Danny Green is a player that certainly has his critics throughout fans across the league. Many believe the Green Ranger hasn’t been worth the $30 million contract he signed with the Lakers back in 2019.

In all fairness, when looking at Green’s stats on face value, they can be considered slightly disappointing. He currently averages 8.2 PPG, 1.4 APG and 3.4 RPG. If we compare those numbers to the season he had in 2018-19 while he was with the Toronto Raptors, we’ll see that he has suffered a drop of 2.1 PPG, 0.2 APG and 0.6 RPG.

With all that considered, the Lakers still need Green’s contributions in order to compete for an NBA Championship. Let’s take a closer look at what Green brings to the table.

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