Can Markieff Morris Help the Lakers Play Small Ball Come Playoff Time?

Los Angeles Lakers(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Morris’ fit with this Lakers team

The Lakers have pummeled teams this season with their size, strength, and athleticism. When you have athletes like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and JaVale McGee on the floor you are going to bully your fair share of teams, but what happens when teams switch things up and go small?

Can the Lakers comfortably field a line-up that allows for them to deal with any situation thrown at them?

With Markieff Morris on the roster, the Lakers have a chance to give small
ball a chance.

With Morris at the 5, LeBron at the 4, Green at the 3, Caruso at the 2, and
KCP at the one, the Lakers would have a starting line-up capable of playing
extremely quick up and down the floor. The above line-up has the perfect balance of speed, physicality, 3-point shooting, and defense.

With a team like the Houston Rockets who plan to play “Micro Ball”, If the
line-up of the big men does not work and is getting exposed, a smaller line-up such as this could be perfect.

If the Lakers can use this line-up to counteract what other teams are doing
it could be a huge help for them for the rest of the season.

While all of this could remain hypothetical, with the potential for Dwight
Howard to step away from the team due to his beliefs regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, it could free up considerable minutes for Morris during the playoff time.

The warm-up games just before the playoff will play a huge role in whether
he is involved in the Laker’s playoff rotation or not.

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