3 Stars the Los Angeles Lakers Can Trade For

Los Angeles Lakers
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Derrick Rose:

The Los Angeles Lakers receive: Derrick Rose

The Detroit Pistons receive: C JaVale McGee, PG Quinn Cook’s partially guaranteed contract, and the Lakers’ 2020 1st round pick.

He may not be the MVP candidate he once was or even the perennial All-Star he once was. But Derrick Rose has proven to the NBA world that he still has enough in the tank to be a really good contributor on a title-contending team.

The Lakers need a point guard. Plain and simple. While LeBron James has done an amazing job this season leading the league in assists, he simply cannot do it by himself. He needs help. That is where Derrick Rose steps in.

Rose would enter the Lakers as the defacto 3rd star. You might think, why isn’t Kuzma included in the deal? Why are the Pistons not getting more assets for Rose? The fact of the matter is, the Detroit Pistons are a rebuilding team, they are also a lottery team. With the lottery littered with point guards, it stands to reason that a team like the Pistons who needs a point guard long term would draft one.

The second the Detroit Pistons draft a point guard in the 2020 NBA Draft, any leverage they had has gone straight out the window. Why don’t other teams go for Rose? Well most teams across the NBA are set at point guard going forward. That might sound like a blanket statement, but check it out.

If the Lakers know the Pistons are going to draft a point guard they shouldn’t include Kuzma in any deal. As he is capable of fetching them another piece that could help them win a ring.

In Rose, the Lakers get a former MVP who is used to the spotlight. They get a secondary playmaker who can be in the starting line-up and who can also be the main play-maker when James is off the floor.

Rose is capable of getting 20 PPG and with the focus on Anthony Davis and LeBron James, you can bet that Rose is going to get significantly better looks than he has been getting in Detroit.

The Pistons get one of their native sons back. In JaVale McGee. They get a Flint, Michigan native who represents his city to the fullest. They get a starting-caliber big man to put next to Blake Griffin. They get his expiring contract next year, and they get an extremely underrated shot-blocker.

In Quinn Cook, the Pistons get a player that comes in with veteran experience capable of helping out the new young point guard they draft. They get a flamethrower from the 3-point line and above all else, they get a great person who since his 1st day in LA has represented the purple and gold with pride and honor.

With the late 1st round pick, they can choose to draft a rotation piece or package it with future picks to try and get out from underneath Blake Griffin’s contract.

They could trade Blake Griffin, the Lakers pick this year, the Detroit pick in 2023, for LaMarcus Aldridge. For example.

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