3 Stars the Los Angeles Lakers Can Trade For

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Jrue Holiday:

The Los Angeles Lakers receive: PG Jrue Holiday

The Cleveland Cavaliers receive: SG/SF Danny Green, PF/SF Kyle Kuzma, and PG Quinn Cook‘s partially guaranteed contract.

The New Orleans Pelicans receive: PF/C Kevin Love

A costly endeavor for the purple and gold, but a necessary one for them to land the 3rd star they have desperately coveted.

With Lonzo Ball now seemingly the future at point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans, it seems to make Jrue Holiday more of a luxury player than an essential one. While the Pelicans are young, they are not far off being a playoff contender. Adding a former champion in Kevin Love who can play both center and power forward offers the Pelicans a useful veteran to put beside Zion Williamson.

Love is capable of stepping out to the 3-point line and grabbing rebounds at an elite rate. It takes the pressure off Williamson to crash the boards, and just focus on punishing teams in transition.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been actively looking to move Kevin Love’s contract since the day LeBron James left for Los Angeles. That’s not to say they don’t like him as a player. But Love is a win-now guy and the Cavaliers are clearly in rebuild mode.

Adding Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma fit perfectly into what the Cavaliers are trying to do. In Danny Green, they automatically get their starting small forward who is an elite perimeter defender and 3-point shooter. He is the perfect guy to work with and teach the young guys.

Kuzma offers them Kevin Love lite. He does everything Love does but on the lower end of the scale. There is still an upside for Kuzma as he is still young.

The Lakers get Jrue Holiday. With him, they sort their point guard woes out for the next 2 seasons. In Holiday, the Lakers get one of the more elite defensive point guards in the NBA. Long for a point guard, standing at 6″5, Holiday can guard both guard positions for the purple and gold while also dishing the ball at an incredibly healthy level.

He is also a useful 3-point shooter who needs to be respected otherwise he is draining it from deep. Add on top of that, he is a potential 20 point scorer each night. The Lakers would have found their perfect complimentary 3rd star.

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