Should the Lakers Take Another Shot at DeMarcus Cousins?

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The NBA season has been put on indefinite hold due to the spread and danger of COVID-19. If or when the season restarts, should the Lakers consider bringing DeMarcus Cousins back into the fold?

We are in scary and uncertain times with COVID-19 running rampant worldwide. It is a time for sports to be on hiatus and for everyone to take precautions regarding their own health. As well as the health of those around them.

With the NBA in turmoil due to the pandemic, the season has rightfully been postponed until further notice. NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the greater NBA community are looking at what is necessary to stop the spreading of the virus.

With the season pushed back, it moves the NBA Finals further back in the calendar. Due to the delay in the schedule, would it be a good idea for the purple and gold to bring back DeMarcus Cousins?

If the season had gone on as previously intended, the answer was a rightful NO by the Lakers. Cousins has been through injury hell the last 2 years. Forcing him to come back when he needs the time to rehab would have been wrong for both his physical and mental well being.

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The Lakers made the right choice by bringing in Markieff Morris and releasing Cousins. It released the pressure on Cousins’ shoulders to rush back this season and make an impact. It allowed him to focus on getting himself right and preparing for the next season. Hopefully with the Lakers.

The Lakers are ideally placed to see how he is doing physically. Since his release, he has still been in the building, working out at the practice facility, rehabbing with the training staff/doctors, and getting the best care possible.

If the training staff feel confident that Cousins’ body is ready to get back to work then it should be a no brainer for the purple and gold. In time, if the Lakers were to get back a fully healthy, fully focused, and in-shape Cousins then the rest of the league would be looking over their shoulder, for sure.

Easily one of the most dominant big men in the league since Shaquille O’Neal, Cousins has bulldozing through his competition since he first set foot in the league. Blessed with ideal size, athleticism, and footwork, the 29-year-old has been putting opposing centers to the sword for years now.

Cousins is so skilled that he can beat his opponent in a number of ways. With his back to the basket, he can use his strength to drill a hole in players’ chests and back them down until they tap out. If that doesn’t work he can use his vast array of post moves and finesse his way to the basket. He can also power through players and finish with monstrous dunks.

Cousins’ outside game isn’t to be disrespected either. Capable of consistently making shots all over the floor, he has a well-rounded offensive skill-set that lends to that of the modern big man.

One area of his game that does not get enough respect is his passing ability though. He is exceptional passing out of double-teams and hitting the open man in the corner. Dealing with the pressure of a double-team can cause most big men to panic and turn the ball over but Cousins, and Lakers superstar Anthony Davis, are exceptional at reading the defense. Understanding that the double team is coming and finding the open teammate for an easy bucket.

Watching Davis and Cousins in New Orleans together can give fans a taste of what could be expected from the duo if they both suit up for the Lakers in the near future.

While it may not be fair to expect Cousins to get back to his Sacramento Kings/ New Orleans Pelicans past-self. If he can get to 70% of what he was, then the Lakers will be landing themselves an extremely valuable player. Potentially a 3rd star.

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