Frank Vogel on the NBA Suspension, Returning to No Fans

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In a recent interview with Spectrum SportsNet on April 2, Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel spoke about the NBA suspension. Specifically how it halted the Lakers’ 49-14 season, with the team sitting top of the Western Conference by 5.5 games.

“Yeah it’s disappointing. Obviously when you’re going well you want to keep going, when you’re struggling that’s when you don’t. You really try to have the mindset as a team to focus only on what we can control. This is something that’s not controllable by us, so we’re going to make the best of a difficult situation.”

Vogel added: “We’re hopeful that we’re able to resume at some-point, if it’s safe for the world, for us, to resume. Hopefully to have a chance to finish what we started. All of that’s going to play out in the coming months.”

Frank Vogel and the Lakers' staff will lead Team LeBron at 2020 ...
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Another topic of the Spectrum SportsNet interview was surrounding an NBA return with no fans in the arenas. When asking about whether he’d thought about such a return, Vogel responded with: “I have. I can’t really put myself in exactly what it would feel like. It would be extremely unusual.”

The 46-year-old went on to mention that he feels that he would have a “baseboard” for experiencing games with no fans due to his past experiences at the NBA Summer League in Orlando. Where he described the games just being attended by team executives.

Frank Vogel implied that in the meantime, with the NBA’s short-term future being wildly speculated, that he and his team will continue to follow protocol and will be prepared to be called upon when needed.

“We don’t know, everything’s up in the air right now. We don’t know if that’s down the road for us or not. We’re going to continue to follow the league’s lead and do whatever is best for our league, whilst staying in line with what’s socially responsible and doing what’s safe for the world.”

Catch the full interview with Frank Vogel on Spectrum SportsNet here.

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