JaVale McGee Speaks to Danny Green About Being in Quarantine

(Image/Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

On March 19, the Los Angeles Lakers announced publicly that two players had tested positive for COVID-19. Widely known as the Coronavirus.

The two unnamed players, along with the rest of the roster and staff were placed into quarantine. They were already doing so as the NBA suspended its season on March 11 due to the concerns of the virus spreading among players. But the levels of seriousness stepped up a level with the Lakers’ recent statement.

Danny Green hosts a podcast called Inside the Green Room, along with friend and journalist, Harrison Sanford. On March 21, both Green and Sanford hosted an episode speaking to numerous NBA players about the league’s suspension and being in isolation.

One of those players was Lakers center, JaVale McGee. When asking about whether he has distanced himself from the basketball season, in terms of winning a Championship, McGee opened up about it being a rare opportunity to rest.

“I’m on vacation, I’m not gonna lie. They’re literally forcing us to do nothing. I’m trying, for at least this week of quarantine, trying to take advantage of that. To where I can really just chill and do nothing. We don’t have this opportunity ever in our lives. We’re working out every day, we’re in the gym, we’re travelling. We’re just always doing something.”

JaVale McGee

However, the 32-year-old did stress the importance of staying prepared as it is unknown as to when NBA basketball will return. Stating that he’s very much got a week-to-week mindset whilst in isolation.

We have the vision of the future being just more isolation, but what if they’re like ‘oh we’ve found a cure’ next week and the season starts in another week. I’ll be like at least we’ve got a week to workout, at least I wasn’t just focused on other things.

JaVale McGee

Check out the full episode where JaVale McGee’s segment is from the very start up to approximately 15 minutes in. Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors, Rudy Gay of the San Antonio Spurs, and Harrison Barnes of the Sacramento Kings also feature.