Lakers, D’Angelo Russell?


The Golden State Warriors are reportedly looking at trade offers for D’Angelo Russell. The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be looking to make a move for a play-maker. The trade deadline is approaching (February 6). Could a Russell-Lakers reunion be on the cards?

Russell’s new contract gives him a cap hit of $27,800,000, which proves difficult. However, if the Lakers can make a trade, likely centered around Kyle Kuzma, they definitely should.

The 23-year-old is an electrifying player that can not only create shots for himself, but also for others. He would provide major sparks of offense, individually, while LeBron James and Anthony Davis are off the court.

In addition, he would be a solid teammate that could compliment the two Laker superstars. Russell has proved to also be a player that can be counted on in the closing minutes of games. Adding another fourth quarter closer would greatly help the Lakers. Russell’s skill-set will take some of the offensive pressure off James, enabling him to be at peak performance more often.

All in all, D’Angelo Russell would be a great fit for the Lakers. However, the politics of the situation might make a trade more complicated. Russell was traded to the Brooklyn Nets by the Lakers back in 2017, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of both sides.

Since then, the Lakers have put together a new front office, coaching staff, and roster. Meaning that any past issues that Russell might have had with the organisation are likely to not be prevalent anymore.

Overall, Russell is a player that should be heavily pursued by the Lakers, if possible. Not only does he fix the flaws of the team, but he also complements the existing strengths.

Do the Lakers have the pieces to chase Russell? Possibly not. But it’s hard to think of another player on the trade market that would fit with the Lakers.

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