End of Season Review: Part 2

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Here is part 2 of the end of season review. Enjoy!

Q: Back to the negativity, what do you think was the worst moment in the Lakers’ season?

Mohamoud: “The worst part was when we bottled the chance to make the playoffs. Losing to sub-500 teams is not what the team should’ve have been doing. Also, the whole Davis trade was ugly. I did not like it one bit. Making it so public and putting our youngsters in that position was distasteful.”

Steve: “I‘d like to pick two moments that defined the Lakers‘ season. One is the injury that forced LeBron out for 17 games. The other was Lonzo‘s ankle sprain.”

Kojo: “The worst moment of the season was our back-to-back road defeats to the Pelicans and Memphis. At that moment I knew this team had completely fallen off and there was no chance of us gaining post-season action.”

Martin: “Another easy one – The whole Anthony Davies saga! As an organisation, from start to finish the whole thing was just embarrassing.”

Phil: “LeBron’s injury on Christmas Day.”

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Q: With the Lakers parting ways with Luke Walton, who will be the next head coach?

Mohamoud: “We need a coach that can empower the players. Names like Kidd and Lue have been thrown around but I wouldn’t have any of them to be honest.”

Steve: “I‘d say the next coach could most likely be Ty Lue. He has a history with the Lakers. If I could pick any coach from the NBA I’d go with Snyder. He is doing a terrific job in Utah and would be a good choice for the Lakers.”

Kojo: I personally believe that Tyronn Lue will be the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers , I believe he wouldn’t want to turn away this magnificent opportunity.”

Martin: “Who next? I honestly don’t know. I’m not overly keen on Jason Kidd but it would be an improvement. Ty Lue, I hope not.”

Phil: “Ty Lue for me. He settles LeBron and hopefully we can play a bit more D next season. He is definitely a flexible thinking coach so it would be interesting. I do feel a little sorry for Luke, he’s not had the rub with injuries but even when fully fit our D wasn’t acceptable for me.”

Q: Moving forward, have you got any predictions for the upcoming off-season? Will the Lakers sign another star, or go down a different route?

Mohamoud: “I think the Lakers will find themselves in a position where the main free agents won’t consider them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we threw money at Boogie out of sheer panic. Pelicans won’t give up AD to us, I can actually see him going to Boston. They really don’t have any other route to go down to be fair. Even their first round pick won’t be worth enough to trade for.”

Steve: “I expect them to aim high and try to get Kyrie, Kawhi or even KD. While I‘d love to see any of these guys, I think it’s more realistic to land Kemba or Cousins.”

Martin: “There are some very talented players available this off-season and if we can add another star like Kawhi or Klay or even Kemba, it would be another step in the right direction.”

Kojo: “I believe we can get a free-agent of magnitude, such as Kyrie or Kemba. I assume Kemba would be the most likely one of all.”

Phil: “If we can get AD without giving up too much then I would be happy. I would definitely welcome Kawhi too. To be honest, I am happy sitting back with a beer or two and watching the Lakers roller-coaster unfold in front of me.”

Q: With Magic Johnson unexpectedly resigning from his post as President of Basketball Operations, who do you think will replace him and what does this mean for the franchise in the near future?

Mohamoud: “There’s no one available that’ll be able to do anything for the Lakers. Something drastic would need to happen. I mean, if the whole Kawhi thing doesn’t work out, Ujiri could possibly be out of a job, but that’s far fetched. He’s done an amazing job and I cant see the Raptors letting him go. Same with Presti, Oklahoma are a loyal ball club, hes been there longer than anyone, why would he ever want to join? The Lakers famed history? I am not buying that at all. Besides, no one wants to work with Pelinka so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just promoted from within or picked up some rookie GM.”

Steve: “Most solid choice for president would be (Jerry) West. But I don’t know if he and Jeanie Buss could work together.”

Martin: “As for who’s next… who knows in all honesty! David Griffin is the name that appears to be flying around on Twitter, which wouldn’t be bad as he knows how to work with Lebron. Other than him, it’s a guessing game.”

Phil: “I am thinking Elton Brand from the Sixers. I love how he has built Philly in a relative short period of time. I think he would do the job for us. I might be dreaming but why not.”

*This question was asked prior to David Griffin’s appointment with the New Orleans Pelicans.

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There we have it, the 2018/19 season has officially drawn to a close. However this is just the beginning, with the search for a new President of Basketball Operations underway, the draft coming up in a couple of months, and with free-agency looming.

We would like to thank Mohamoud, Steve, Martin, Kojo, and Phil for taking part in the end of season review. We would also like to express our gratitude to everyone who has engaged with Lakers Fanclub UK over the course of the season, whether it be through visiting the website or over on Twitter.

This was our first season as a fan-club and whilst it hasn’t necessarily been the season we all expected, we have enjoyed every moment of covering the Lakers over the last 5/6 months. We are delighted with the progress made over that time. The aim was to form a community for UK-based Laker fans to come together, and we feel that we have met and surpassed the plans we had in place.

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By Matt Evans (@mattyyyevans)