We Talk Lakers With Gallows Drummer Lee Barratt

(Image/Right: @LeeGallows Twitter, Left: USA Today)

Back in October, it was announced that the British hardcore punk band, Gallows, would be returning after a three-year hiatus, much to our delight. Gallows were listed in the first wave of bands for the 2019 Slam Dunk Festival.

Gallows, formed in 2005, caught public attention following the release of their 2006 debut album ‘Orchestra of Wolves’. From this, the band have gone on to release three further albums, two of which made the UK Album Chart. Gallows have appeared on a game (Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock), featured in numerous magazines, including Kerrang!, Alternative Press and Rolling Stone, and have toured the world.

Recently we discovered that Gallows drummer, Lee Barratt, is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Knowing this, we reached out to Lee who kindly offered Lakers Fanclub UK some insight into the beginnings of his Lakers fandom, as well as his opinions on the current roster, among other topics.

(Image/Slam Dunk Festival) Lee, far left.

Q: “First of all, I am a fan of Gallows and have seen the band on a few occasions. Congratulations on the success of the band over the past 13 years.”

Lee: “Thanks very much! Although you just made me feel extremely old by reminding me that the band has been going for 13 years!”

Q: “We see that you are a Laker fan through your Twitter bio. When did you start supporting the team, and why?”

Lee: “I started supporting the Lakers around 2010 when I was living in Southern California. The friends I had were all Lakers fans and we’d get together to watch games at our apartment or head to Staples to catch a live game whenever we could. Unfortunately, it was around the same time that the team started going downhill!”

Q: “What is your favourite memory of supporting the Lakers?”

Lee: “My first trip to Staples was such a fun experience, completely different to any kind of sporting event I’d been to in the UK. My best memory was in Kobe’s retirement year, I flew to LA in a week where the team had a homestand and managed to catch 4 games. Unfortunately, Kobe only played in 2 of them but I had great seats by the players tunnel for each and managed to get autographs off a few of the players back then.”

(Image/Sneaker Bar Detroit)

Q: “What are your thoughts on the 2018/19 Lakers so far this season?”

Lee: “It seems like it’s still a work in progress but to be sitting 4th in the West and with a record over 500 is something Laker fans haven’t seen in a while! LeBron is obviously carrying the team a little and I think a couple of the kids will need to step up if they want to go further than the first round of the playoffs. Getting Rondo back will help a lot too.”

Q: “For you, what has been the most impressive moment of the season to this point?”

Lee: “Just the fact the team seem to be competing more as a collective is the most impressive thing. There have been some disappointments (losing twice to the Magic?!) but you get the feeling now that the Lakers could win against any team they’re up against.”

Q: “Where would you like to see the team improve? Would you be open to a trade?”

Lee: “Consistency is the key. 48 minutes per game for 82 games. You already know LeBron is dialed in but I think it will take the younger core longer to achieve that mindset. I’d like to see how this team progresses and not have to give up any pieces for a big trade but it depends on what the owners want in terms of success and how quickly they want it.”

Q: “What are your expectations for the rest of the season, and beyond?”

Lee: “I can see them reaching the playoffs but like I said earlier, whether they’ll have the focus and consistency to get beyond the first round is questionable. LeBron can’t do everything on his own and other players will have to step up and make sure the team are good enough to win a best of 7 series. Whoever they come up against will be a good team and will have that extra motivation of wanting to beat LeBron in the playoffs.”


We would like to thank Lee for talking to us and providing such insightful answers on the current Lakers and what his expectations are moving forward. Also, living in Southern California and watching Kobe Bryant and the Lakers on numerous occasions, including on his retirement tour, sounds like the life doesn’t it!

We wish Lee and Gallows the best of luck with their return, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more live shows as well as new music. You can follow Lee on Twitter over at @LeeGallows.

As always, thank you for reading. Come and join the conversation with us on Twitter at @lakersfanclubuk.

By Matt Evans (@mattyyyevans)