Carmelo Anthony To The Lakers?

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In amongst the team preparing for a road trip to San Antonio and Memphis, rumours began to circulate that LeBron James would be open to long-time friend Carmelo Anthony joining him in Los Angeles, as first reported by The Athletic. 

The 34-year-old is still on the books of the struggling Houston Rockets despite being frozen out of the team after just 10 games, having not played since November 8th where he shot 1-11 FG against his former team the Oklahoma City Thunder. Through 10 games with the Rockets, Carmelo Anthony averaged 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game, on .405 FG% shooting and .328 from three-point range.

It was strongly considered that the Rockets would buyout Anthony’s contract, allowing him to move on. However, this has not occurred and it is now expected that the Rockets will explore a conclusion to the saga from December 15th, when Anthony can be officially moved on via trade.

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Although, The Athletic have included in their report that LeBron James has not made an official request and does not plan to make an official plea to Lakers team president Magic Johnson or general manager Rob Pelinka to sign Melo. However, it is believed that James does believe that Melo can contribute to the 15-9 Lakers, who currently sit #5 in a packed Western Conference.

Since, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has commented on the story:

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It seems that most Laker fans are against the signing of Carmelo Anthony, who are of the opinion that Anthony would not improve the team, with his defense being identified as a glaring issue. Since moving from the New York Knicks, the 10-time All-Star’s reputation has taken a huge hit, after a failed season in Oklahoma many thought that the Rockets would be a good fit for Anthony, taking on a reduced role alongside James Harden and Chris Paul. Unfortunately for Melo, his stint in Houston has not panned out.

Carmelo Anthony’s rapid decline in popularity around the league has now got to the point where, in spite of The Athletic’s recent report, it is unclear whether Anthony will play NBA basketball again.

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By Matt Evans (@mattyyyevans)